There are two types of conversations on the WhatsApp Business Platform,

User-initiated. For example, customer care and general support inquiries.

Business-initiated. For example, post-purchase notifications. In order to send a “business-initiated” message or notification, a message template is needed.

What are message templates? Message templates allow businesses to send structured messages using pre-created, pre-approved templates.

How are they created? Templates can be created via the WhatsApp Business Manager. Refer below ebook to understand steps for creating message templates on WhatsApp Business Manager.

Template Rejections, common reasons & guidelines to get your whatsapp template approved,

  • Check spelling and grammar
  • Check formatting on parameters; for example, the number of brackets they have: {{1}}, {{2}}, etc.
  • Make sure language selected matches the content and you are not “mixing” languages (spanglish)
  • If you are sending a test, make sure the format for testing is used
  • Don’t use URL shorteners because they obscure the destination
  • Make the message name clear. Instead of using a name like "template_014," use "bus_ticket_details."
  • Always include an example of what the end message will look like, especially when including media messages (this will also be required for appeals)
  • The URL domain should belong to your business
  • Do not request sensitive identifiers from customers (full payment card number, financial account numbers, national ID numbers or other sensitive identifiers—this includes documents that contain this identifiers)
  • Surveys are OK, but do not submit a survey to collect unrelated data from customers
  • Message templates cannot contain potentially abusive or threatening content
  • More details at WhatsApp Commerce Policy & WhatsApp Business Policy

User Initiated vs Business Business Initiated WhatsApp Messages


Detailed ebook (27 pages),


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