Make Civic Engagement accessible

With the WhatsApp Business Platform, you can help people gain easier access to critical information and services. Enable conversations that connect people with lifesaving care, food, shelter, fact-checked information, and countless other government and nonprofit services they depend on for support. Read on to uncover sample use cases and best practices you can use to make a meaningful impact on your community.

Start conversations that help drive civic engagement,

  • Conversations powered by the WhatsApp Business Platform help civic organizations share information quickly while broadening the impact of their services.
  • Help impact more people by adding a new avenue for communication
  • Help improve support by reducing call waiting times
  • Help increase engagement by keeping people informed
  • Over 3B messages have been sent between governments and citizens over COVID-19 vaccine helplines on WhatsApp


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For Government & Politics, its all about people right? Lets speak on how WhatsApp Business can bring people more closure to you. Every department of Government & Politics can use WhatsApp now & get more than double reach you would otherwise get through sending emails or sms or calls.