WhatsApp Business for Customer Service

Customer expectations are higher than ever,

  • Customers want service right NOW. Digital disruption means customers demand access to anything they want, anytime they want, 24/7.
  • Customer convenience is paramount. Customers are now in control of when, where and how they want to interact with your brand.
  • Customers prefer different cross-device communication channels. As customers wish to be served across a variety of different touchpoints, contact volumes are increasing across support channel mixes.

Using WhatsApp Business for customer service offers,

  • GREATER REACH. 2 billion monthly active users in 180 countries.
  • HIGHER ENGAGEMENT. 70% of WhatsApp users check the messaging app daily.
  • CHANNEL PREFERENCE. No waiting on hold, Asynchronous messaging means your customers can respond around their schedule

Detailed ebook (20 pages),


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