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Entry Points

How to drive traffic to your WhatsApp conversational channel to grow the message volumes, all legal ways to bring customer say "hi" to your whatsapp number.

Entry Points Overview

Following are possible channels to get customers to your WhatsApp conversation,

  • Organic Awareness:
    • Offline - Product Packaging
    • Other advertising i.e. billboards, search, signage, etc.
    • QR codes for users to initiate a conversation
  • Voice - IVR Deflection
  • Organic SERP listings for Contact Us page or landing page
  • Google AdWords campaigns
  • Your company website
  • Web buttons to open conversations from owned brand website
  • Email signatures via wa.me links
  • In Mobile App
  • Paid Awareness:
    • Ads that click to WhatsApp on Facebook & Instagram

Where do people connect with businesses using WhatsApp? You can turn just about any channel into a WhatsApp touchpoint. Financial services customers want support and information that’s available on demand — and messaging meets that need. With WhatsApp, you can add seamless, intuitive entry points to your website, social media presence, and online ads. Here are a few of the most common entry points:

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