The purpose of this article is to help businesses using WhatsApp Business API or Platform, to know Facebook Anti-corruption policy and to comply with the anti-corruption laws globally.

Corruption costs developing countries $1.26 trillion every year. Corruption is a global problem. It can cost people their freedom, health, money and their lives. Bribery and corruption impedes economic and social development, undermines the rule of law, threatens stability and security, undercuts good governance, and distorts competition. Corruption takes many forms. It is often thought of as a problem that to poorer nations, – it can happen anywhere. No company focused on giving people the power to build community should be complicit in corruption.

Consequences of non-compliance,

  • Breach of contract (immediate termination, withholding of payments)
  • Internal and external investigations
  • Civil & criminal fines and profit "disgorgement"
  • Personal criminal liability (fines, imprisonment)
  • Suspension of right to do business with governments and/or international institutions
  • Compliance monitors (multi-year third party oversight of business)
  • Personal disbarment from operating a U.S.-listed company
  • Loss of employment or other job-related disciplinary action
  • Reputational damage

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