Ecommerce Usecases on WhatsApp

Conversational flows curated for the e-commerce business. Use these sample conversational flows to guide and inform your real-life engagements with customers across various use cases.

Pre-purchase Stage Examples, connect with customers and help them make purchase decisions by keeping them engaged through conversations

  • In-stock availability. A business reaches out to let their customer know that one of their most-purchased products is back in stock.
  • Special promo or discount. A business is running a seasonal sale on select items and messages the consumer to let them know about the discount code.
  • New product. A business reaches out to the consumer to notify them about new products available.

Purchase Stage Examples, guide interested consumers through to their purchase with timely assistance and helpful reminders.

  • Cart abandonment. A business reaches out to the consumer to let them know there are items in their cart that they’ve abandoned.
  • New product. A business reaches out to the consumer to let them know about a new, limited-edition product that’s similar to other products they've ordered.
  • Order Information. A business reaches out to the consumer to notify them about status updates on their placed orders.

Post-Purchase Stage Examples, Maintain customer loyalty with prompt, helpful, cost-effective customer service solutions.

  • Monthly Subscription. A business sees that a customer consistently orders the same product every month and reaches out to see if they'd like to subscribe to monthly refills.
  • Product Recommendation. A business reaches out to see if the customer would like to order a relevant product to go with their recent purchase.
  • Customer Service. Let customers easily raise their issues & resolve quickly.

Checklist for implementing the WhatsApp Business Platform for e-commerce,

Few interesting ecommerce journey examples on WhatsApp, email us to get a live demo of how Ecommerce backend & frontend works on WhatsApp, specially around these topics,

  • Why the WhatsApp Business Platform?
  • NEW WhatsApp Commerce Features, year 2022.
  • When should a Business use Multi & Single Product Messages
  • Catalog Management
  • Linking a catalog to a WABA
  • Send and receive responses via WA Business API

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