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Q: Are all businesses eligible to send non-transactional messages

A: Yes, as of September 15, 2021, all businesses are now eligible to begin sending these new types of messages.

Q: Do businesses need to obtain opt-in before sending non-transactional messages?

A: Yes, opt-in is required before sending any proactive business-initiated messages on the Business Platform. See Business Policy. Note: If a user reaches out to a business to ask a question or find out more information, this does not imply opt-in. The business must still obtain opt-in from the user to receive future proactive messages on WhatsApp.

Q: How are we updating the Business Policy?

A: We have removed the transactional-only requirement for business-initiated chats outside the 24-hour window. In addition, we have added best practices on creating a high-quality opt-in experience for customers at the bottom. We are not updating the opt-in policy with this rollout.

Q: Is there updated guidance on broadcast messaging?

A: With this global launch, businesses can now engage opted-in customers in full-funnel conversations across the customer journey. To mitigate confusion around what types of messages are considered “broadcast,” we have removed this restriction as part of our external guidance. Businesses must still get opt-in from their customers and adhere to our Commerce and Business Policies. In addition, messages should be expected, relevant, and timely to drive a high quality user experience. As a reminder, we may rate limit or automatically remove specific templates if a business’s quality is low for a sustained period of time.

Q: What verticals are seeing success so far?

A: To date, we are seeing valuable use cases across telecommunications, financial services, retail/e-commerce, travel, and government/non-profits. Please see the vertical use cases section in the updated slide deck for examples.

Q: How is the phone number quality rating derived?

A: Quality rating is based on how messages have been received by recipients over the past seven days and is weighted by recency. It is determined by a combination of quality signals from conversations between businesses and users. Examples include user feedback signals like blocks, reports and the reasons users provide when they block a business.

Message Template Rejection FAQs

Q: How will a business know if a template has been rejected?

A: Status of template approvals and rejection are available in the Message Templates view of WhatsApp Manager. Business POCs assigned notification alerts through WhatsApp Manager will also receive email updates when templates are rejected.

Q: How long will it take to review a template appeal?

A: A template appeal will be reviewed within 24 hours of submission (excluding weekends and holidays). Businesses can visit their Direct Support inbox within WhatsApp Manager to keep track of all of their support tickets.

Q: When are template samples required?

A: Samples are not required when submitting new templates for review. Samples are required to appeal a rejected template when the rejected template contains a parameter. We encourage businesses and BSPs to build the habit of adding samples during the initial template creation phase itself. For more information, please visit the Message Template Guidelines.


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