Bots can provide value for businesses in several ways,

Reduce costs and drive efficiency by automating:

  • Simple, specific tasks
  • Responses to frequently asked questions
  • Required customer information collection
  • Improve customer satisfaction by ensuring quick, timely responses to customer inquiries
  • Drive sales by answering product-related questions, providing personalized recommendations, etc.

However, we know bot technology is not perfect,

  • Bots fail to understand more complex customer inquiries.
  • Bots get "stuck" or break mid-conversation.
  • Conversations are harder to automate in certain verticals, e.g., financial services.
  • Research loan requirements
  • Research checking and savings account options
  • Inquire about fees

Which is why make sure following when developing Bots,

  • A clear and direct path to human escalation is required
  • Ensures that customers can get a resolution to any inquiry
  • Acceptable paths include: human agent handoff, phone number, email, web support form and prompting in-store visits
  • Humans should be able to answer questions about information shared by a bot
  • WhatsApp may reactively review bots on the platform
  • Non-adhering businesses may see limitations to their ability to send messages on the API

Additional best practices,

  • Start with a small number of discrete, specific use cases; build out over time
  • Create a personal, conversational tone
  • Leverage media messages (photos, videos, etc.) to elevate the customer experience and drive higher engagement
  • Actively set KPIs, monitor quality and continue to optimize the bot experience after launch
  • Map out what triggers will drive human escalation; decide which channel will be optimal to promptly and correctly answer these inquiries

Message Evaluations,

If any of your businesses enter Into "Warned" status or are risk of being "Rate Limited", evaluate and improve the users messaging experience.

  • Check that templates do not contain promotional messaging, which is against our Business Policy
  • Ensure content is informative and helpful for your core customers
  • Confirm you are sending notifications to customers who have explicitly opted-in to receive them
  • Use the correct format & correctly tag templates
  • Spellcheck message language
  • Evaluate the frequency at which you are contacting your customers

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